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Advertising copy and commercial scripting. Comedy sketches and topical humour for print, radio and television. Viral or quiz ideas. Most general copywriting tasks.

In addition to all the usual or general copywriting, I also specialise in Radio Commercials... having written literally thousands of them.

Click here for some tips on Radio Commercial Writing.

After working for in-house commercial producers and studios, I've spent the last two decades providing radio commercial scripts for many stations and suppliers, all over the UK, on a freelance basis. In addition to money-off for bulk orders of ten scripts or more, I can also offer big discounts if you send me ten or more scripts within a calendar month... so, keep me in mind for when your own in-house writer succumbs to a nasty bout of having to sneak off to the local football derby.

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Look... here's me standing next to a genuine celebrity, when I won my BBC Genius Trophy... yes, be impressed.

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