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My cartoons have appeared in all manner of publications... from technical and trade mags, such as Air Conditioning & Refrigeration News, Demolition, or Tank Storage... to popular high street titles, including Jaguar Enthusiast, Anglia Afloat, or Surrey Life.

I can provide bespoke cartoons, for editorial, advertising, promotional use, email newsletters & websites etc. Single-frame gag cartoons. Strip cartoons of varying lengths. Individual icon cartoons or other formats, as might be required.

In most cases, I'm happy to oblige with a few initial thoughts as to how any cartooning project might be implemented... perhaps with a variety of gag-suggestions, rough sketches or demonstrational scribbles. In all cases, any humorous taglines, captions or gags are agreed in advance, so you'll always be assured of knowing what you're getting.

Radio commercial scripting and general copywriting.

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