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 NEW - The Cheapo Show - Edition 002 - NEW

They said it shouldn't happen... but, neverthemore, The Cheapo Show Edition 002 is here... like some cancerously comedic compilation of critically-dismissed crapulously-contracted clips, relapsing you into the dire purgatory of comedy hell, from which self-mutilation of the cerebral cortex can seem like the only concomitant mode of escape.

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 The Cheapo Show - Edition 001

Starting off in the best possible way... with sex & nazis... this pile of absolute frolics knee-trembles the colostomy bag of comedy until it pisses itself in an orgasmic discharge of infectious he-he-wee-wee... like a desperately frantic burst of hilarious fumblings, that's all over in a few minutes, leaving everyone involved feeling embarrassed and sorry they bothered.

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The Berlin Merlin Affair

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Oi... my name is Harry Parsnip... an' I'm tellin' you to 'ave a butcher's at my latest Cheapo flick "The Berlin Merlin Affair"... click my pic to watch it on the Cheapo Card Company youtube channel, oh yes.

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