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About me? - link to my homepage at http://home.freeuk.net/jenny.blain. Or to http://wyrdswell.co.uk for links to my academic work, interests, and web-writings. I'm an anthropologist and writer, specialising in Heathenism, shamanism and the practice of seidr - northern european shamanistic community- oriented practice, based in the accounts from the sagas and Eddas, but developed as practice for today, not designed to replicate what can't be replicated. I have a number of articles, and a book on seidhr now available from Routledge - see their catalogue entry for
Nine Worlds of Seid-magic: ecstasy and neo-shamanism in north European Paganism. .

For Nine Worlds and for other books I've edited or in which I have chapters, please see my project publications page at http://www.sacredsites.org.uk/shop/index.html

Publications from Wyrd's Well - check availalbility before ordering at http://www.wyrdswell.co.uk.

That's all for now - enjoy the flowers! I was in the West Highlands, near Kilmartin, summer 1999, and there's the most fantastic rock art nearby them, if you just walk carefully over right or left, or a little downhill... heading for the Achnabreck section of my homepage Mind where you're putting your feet though!


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