"This is a party that was founded for working people, this is a party that I strive every day to make the party of working people" - Ed Miliband, 21 November 2014

"Left parties have lost office in Europe because of their inability to articulate an alternative to austerity and cuts. The right offers individualism, a huge and growing wealth gap and a mean and divided society. Socialism is the sharing of wealth, the contribution of ability for the common good, and unity in defending our achievements against attack. It's also our only hope" - Jeremy Corbyn, 6 January 2012

CLPD campaigns for:

  • a real policy-making Annual Conference

  • an effective and accountable NEC

  • the defence of the Trade Union link

  • more progressive Labour candidates for elected office who are women or BAME; and, generally, for an increase in candidates with a working-class background, to counteract the current unacceptable under-representation

  • a local electoral college for choosing leaders of council Labour Groups

  • an internal Party ombudsperson

  • a clear jobs and growth policy in sharp opposition to the Tories and austerity

  • CLPD supports the Charter for a Democratic Conference

    1. At least 50% of conference time should be reserved for contributions in policy debates by delegates

    2. The criteria for motions should be flexible and fair

    3. Conference should choose the right policies, not rubber stamp them

    4. Conference decisions and all papers should be available online to party members

    5. The structure of conference needs a review by the Conference Arrangements Committee

    For further news visit http://www.grassrootslabour.net and www.leftfutures.org

    CLPD 2016 proposals for contemporary motions to Labour Party conference

    Click here to read online.

    Threat to Jeremy Corbyn and to the democratic decision of our Party's members

    Constituency Labour Party nominations in the leadership election closed on 16 August, with Jeremy Corbyn securing 285 CLPs, 84.3% of those that made nominations. Owen Smith got 53, or 15.7%. This marks an increase of 133 from Corbyn’s total in 2015 – an almost doubling of support, despite 55 fewer CLPs choosing to make a nomination. Corbyn picked up the nominations of eight of the party’s 15 affiliated unions - Aslef, BFAWU, CWU, FBU, UCATT and TSSA, and the two largest unions, Unison and Unite. Young Labour’s National Committee voted to support Corbyn. Smith got nominations from the more traditionally right-leaning unions, Community and USDAW, as well as the Musicians’ Union and the GMB. Labour Party members and supporters should receive ballot papers, or credentials to vote online, by the end of August. Votes must be received by noon on Wednesday 21 September. The result will be announced at a special conference on Saturday 24 September.

    "Owen Smith has become the willing dupe of the Labour right", writes Paul Mason on Mosquito Ridge

    "A report by LSE academics found that Jeremy Corbyn was represented unfairly by the British press (broadsheet and tabloid) through a process of vilification that went well beyond the normal limits of fair debate and disagreement in a democracy... and poses serious ethical questions as to the role of the media in a democracy" - Guardian, 20 July

    "A recent ComRes poll found that Labour voters think Jeremy Corbyn has a much better chance of winning a General Election than either Angela Eagle or Owen Smith [Owen who? - ed.] by a margin of 50% against 23% compared with Eagle,and 44% against 26% compared with Smith" - Guardian 20 July

    "Those who object most violently to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership are precisely those who would lose the most personal power were he to be successful: sitting politicians and political commentators... The Labour establishment feared being made truly accountable to those they represent" - David Graeber, LSE professor of anthropology, The Guardian, 5 July

    "We condemn the unwarranted attacks on [Corbyn's] leadership by an unelected media and call on those who want to see meaningful and progressive social change to stand behind Jeremy Corbyn" - Noam Chomsky and 126 other academic and cultural figures, right-click to read in The Guardian, 9 July

    "Tony Blair's done all right for himself... That's why I like Corbyn, he's not for himself" - Trooper Elliot Cooper, who was part of the force that invaded in Iraq in 2003, speaking to The Guardian, 9 July

    "The reason Labour's mass membership now seeks a clear and decisive break with the Blair-Brown model is no great mystery. By the end of Gordon Brown's premiership, it was clear that the neoliberal turn had been an abject failure" - David Wearing, right-click to read in The Guardian, 26 July

    • For "the truth about big-pharma lobbyist Owen Smith" - click here.
    • Reported total expenses claimed 2010-2015 (excluding office and staff costs): Jeremy Corbyn £5,618. Owen Smith £150,681

    • The wreckers are already preparing for another coup attempt. See Luke Akehurst of Labour First: "I am not sure what the point is in Jeremy running for re-election. If he wins he will still be in the same position..." (Labour List, 13 July). And right-click here for "The Coup Plotters' Handbook.
    • Only 14 MPs voted with the huge majority of the Party for Jeremy Corbyn in September 2015 (according to George Eaton, New Statesman, 15/10/15). No wonder many MPs have been just waiting their time to attempt a coup against the Party majority. The Daily Telegraph revealed as long ago as 3 May that Margaret Hodge and some 50 Labour MPs were plotting a leadership coup. And The Canary of 28 June exposed the major extent to which the PR firm Portland Communications was involved in coordinating the attempted putsch. Portland's directors are former employees of Tony Blair. The much-feted heckler against Corbyn at Pride 2016 was in fact Tom Mauchline of Portland Communications, who worked on Liz Kendall's woeful leadership effort.
    • The disloyal Labour MPs are making a strong case for bringing back full-blown mandatory reselection. The Unite union political conference on 14 July voted for "mandatory reselection of Labour MPs in each Parliament". Labour List (28 June) reports that 55% of the new Labour members who have joined since the 2015 general election believe that MPs who "persistently and publicly criticise the leadership in the media should be deselected", and 68% of those who have been joined since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader. bit.ly/68-pc. "A Labour MP said he would consider defecting to the Conservatives" (Observer 3 July).There are also reports that Paddy Ashdown is in negotiations with some Labour MPs, with a view to launching an SDP-type organisation; and that "Tory and Labour MPs have held informal discussions about establishing a new political party" (Observer 10 July).
    • Reports are coming into CLPD of misbehaviour by our Party's regional full time staff. We have been told that on Friday 1 July one Regional Director called his officers to a staff meeting and instructed them to do everything possible to unseat Jeremy Corbyn. This is against their terms and conditions of employment. Under Blair Party full-time officials were told to cheat, and this foul culture lingers on in the backwoods. See the seminal book The Blair Supremacy by CLPD member Lewis Minkin. One candidate for the NEC, Luke Akehurst, seems to think it is the job of our full time officials to cheat against the Left (see report here). Party members should report any such abuses to NEC member and Disputes Sub-Committee chair Ann Black, who will rigorously pursue any misconduct by the staff we all employ.
    • A list of Labour councillors, supposedly hostile to Jeremy Corbyn, has been hyped up by the right-wing press, who seem to be hand-in-glove with the malcontents. But already some ten councillors have complained that they had no knowledge of the list to which their names have been added, and in fact they hold contrary views. Given the Blairites' long history of nefarious practices - see bit.ly/shen-g - this could be the tip of the iceberg. A quick canvass at the end of June had 246 Labour councillors stating their support to Jeremy Corbyn: click here.
    • The Tooting by-election result was the best Labour percentage there ever except 1997 • The Oldham West and Royton by-election result was an even better Labour percentage than 1997 • In the EU referendum, Jeremy Corbyn's Islington went 75.2% for Remain. Gloria de Piero's Ashfield went 69.8% for Leave. Vernon Coaker's Gedling went 56% for Leave. • Jeremy Corbyn's local voters had confidence in him. De Piero's and Coaker's had no confidence in them.
    • A Labour Party meeting in Ulverston on 6 July passed a vote of no confidence in John Woodcock MP by 31 votes to 10. Barrow-in-Furness CLP voted 100 to 37 (according to our reports) to support Corbyn, although Barrow is a big area for Trident jobs and John Woodcock, the local MP, has been a strong opponent of Corbyn.

    CLPD has been informed that the following CLPs have agreed resolutions supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, our elected leader.

    Islington NorthAirdrie and ShottsBirmingham Hall Green
    BlaydonBromley and ChislehurstCalder Valley
    North West CambridgeshireCrewe and NantwichHastings and Rye
    Leeds EastLewisham West and PengeNottingham East
    SevenoaksSheffield HallamShipley
    Aberconwy and Swansea EastTottenhamBerwick upon Tweed
    Hampstead and KilburnEast DevonLancaster and Fleetwood
    HenleyWaveneyUxbridge and South Ruislip
    Brigg and GooleHull West and HessleWorthing West
    BroxtoweMid BedfordshireSaffron Walden
    Hull NorthTotnesKenilworth and Southam
    PooleSouth DerbyshireScunthorpe
    Hereford and South HerefordshireBexhill and Battle
    Reported to CLPD, but not yet confirmed
    Bolton WestCleethorpesDundee City
    North East FifeLewesSutton and Cheam
    South West NorfolkLeyton and Wanstead
    Newcastle CentralCardiff WestHarborough
    Penrith and the BorderCarlisleEpsom and Ewell
    Sheffield HeeleyStretford and UrmstonNewark
    Chingford and Woodford GreenCeredigionLagan Valley
    Derbyshire DalesBrent CentralShrewsbury and Atcham

    • Tony Blair's political adviser John McTernan came out for Angela Eagle in the Daily Telegraph, and there are strong rumours that Peter Mandelson and Margaret McDonagh had offered to help Eagle if she threw her hat in the ring.
    • This is what Angela Eagle said during the leadership election in summer 2015, when many MPs were saying that they would not work with Jeremy Corbyn if the members chose him as leader. "I would happily serve under anyone the members choose to be our leader. Why? Because I respect the wisdom of our members, supporters and affiliates and our Party’s process of electing a new leadership team. Every candidate has the right to be heard and put forward a vision for Labour’s future and, whether you agree with Jeremy Corbyn or not, he is in the race and is entitled to participate. So the talk of coups, remarks about not serving in Shadow Cabinets and former Prime Ministers telling people to get 'heart transplants' need to stop now".
    • In fact Angela Eagle and Owen Smith have missed the deadline for getting nominations for leader, and the rules say they can't stand. Chapter 3, Clause III, sub-clause (2)(E) of the Labour Party rulebook 2016 requires nominations to be made by a closing date set by the NEC. The NEC decided closing dates through its Organisation Sub-committee at its 20 October 2015 meeting, and set the deadline for 'national officers' election nominations as 24 June. The rulebook says the leader and deputy are national officers. So it appears that Eagle and Smith missed the deadline for leader nominations by more than two weeks. Eagle was on the NEC when they set the date, so she's got no excuse.

    CLPD fringe meetings at Labour Party annual conference

    6pm, Saturday 24 September, and 6pm, Tuesday 27 September, both at The Yacht Club, Coburg Wharf, Liverpool

    Sat 24th - Chair: Gaye Johnston (Chair CLPD). Welcome to Merseyside: Margaret Greenwood MP and Cathy Runswick (Merseyside Momentum). Speakers: Diane Abbott MP, Ann Black, Len McCluskey, Rachel Ward, Matt Wrack, Peter Willsman. (Special Briefing for Conference Delegates)

    Tue 27th - Chair: Claudia Webbe (CLPD). Speakers: Cllr. Yasmine Dar, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Jon Lansman, Mark Serwotka, Christine Shawcroft, Dave Ward, Rhea Wolfson

    National Executive Committee election results 2016

    National Executive Committee - Division III (Constituency Labour Parties) result (6 to elect)

    BLACK, Ann100,999Elected
    SHAWCROFT, Christine97,510Elected
    WEBBE, Claudia92,377Elected
    WILLIAMS, Darren87,003Elected
    WOLFSON, Rhea85,687Elected
    WILLSMAN, Peter81,863Elected
    REEVES, Ellie72,514
    IZZARD, Eddie70,993
    BAILEY, Bex67,205
    BAXTER, Johanna60,367
    DHANDA, Parmjit53,838
    AKEHURST, Luke48,632
    WHEELER, Peter44,062
    GALLAGHER, John22,678
    GUL, Amanat14,693

    National Executive Committee - Division IV (Local Government) result (2 to elect)

    PERRY, Alice: 2,991, Elected

    FORBES, Nick: 2,510, Elected

    BOTHAM, Andy: 480

    BROWN, Matthew: 377

    BOLTON, David: 332

    DAVIES, Warren: 261

    Sam Pallis on PR

    "The lure of PR conceals many myths – instead the left must learn to escape its comfort zone", writes Sam Pallis on Labour List (23 August 2016)

    New research shows "gender quotas thus do not pose a threat to 'merit' at any stage of the political process

    "Instead, fostering diversity has contributed to a host of positive democratic outcomes", say researchers Mary Nugent and Mona Lena Krook: http://www.democraticaudit.com/?p=19728

    Gary Younge: Brexit - a disaster decades in the making

    Click here to read the article.

    CLPD opposes new expulsions of left-wingers from the Labour Party

    CPLD fears that a new wave of expulsions of Corbyn supporters from the Labour Party may indicate that right-wingers and irreconcilables are using bureaucratic means to try to undermine the overwhelming majority decision of the Party to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader. We call for a change of Labour Party rules to provide a fair process and for Labour to welcome as members all those who support the Labour Party. Click here to read the statement.

    Summary of the Chakrabarti report, 1 July 2016

    Click here to read a summary by Mike Phipps.

    Why Corbyn's moral clarity could propel him to no.10

    Click here to read the article by Danny Dorling, professor of geography at Oxford and author of many books including "Injustice: Why Social Inequality Still Persists", on Labour List.

    CLPD Annual General Meeting 2016

    Click here to read report of the CLPD AGM 2016 (Saturday 19 March, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL).

    CLPD proposals for rule changes to be submitted in 2016

    Click here to download the rule changes and supporting arguments and click here for covering letter from CLPD secretary Pete Willsman.

    The Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon

    Speech by Unite general secretary Len McCluskey at the Oxford Union on Tuesday 9 February 2016

    A mountain to climb in Scotland

    Article by Jim McKechnie from Labour Briefing

    Setting the record straight on Trident

    Letter to the Guardian by Ann Black, 16 January 2016. See also this statement from members of Labour's National Policy Forum.

    CLPD opposes expulsions of left-wingers from the Labour Party

    CLPD has agreed a statement opposing the expulsions of Labour Party members on the basis of association with the Alliance for Workers Liberty, and calling for a change of Labour Party rules to provide a fair process and for Labour to welcome as members all those who support the Labour Party. Click here to read the statement.

    Scottish Labour Party conference 30 October and 1 November 2015

    Jim Mackechnie reports.

    CLPD "Yellow Pages" bulletins at 2015 Labour Party conference





    Ray Davison on rule changes at Labour Party conference 2014

    Gordon Brown on the Tory lies about poverty

    In a speech to the Child Poverty Action Group on 11 November 2015, former Labour leader Gordon Brown slammed eight Tory "fictions" about poverty and tax credits. Click here to read the speech.

    Campaign Briefing 79: autumn 2015

    Click here to download pdf

    View on BBC iPlayer

    CLPD Annual General Meeting 2015

    CLPD AGM 2015 was on Saturday 28 February, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. To read a report, click here; and to read a report of the speech to the AGM by Billy Hayes, click here.

    "Falling wages, savage cuts and sham employment expose the recovery as bogus"

    In the Guardian of 20 October 2014, economist Ha Joon Chang, writing under the headline Why did Britain's political class buy into the Tories' economic fairytale?, sums up the case against austerity and gives Labour a wake-up call.

    "Needed: a vigorous opposition to neoliberalism"

    In the Guardian of 3 November 2014, the paper's economics editor, Larry Elliott, bemoans the lack of "fundamental change since the global financial crisis" and concludes that a "collapse not just of communism but also of social democracy" has left an "ideological vacuum... being filled by nationalism, environmentalism and religion".

    The future of the trade union link

    By Pete Willsman: click here to read

    On illegitimate interference by party staff into our internal elections

    Statement by Pete Willsman on the conduct of elections at Labour conference 2013

    How Labour's trigger works

    A CLPD briefing on the re-selection of sitting MPs

    The Campaign, a BBC docudrama from 1983 about CLPD

    CLPD secretary Pete Willsman on the Daily Politics

    CLPD supports the Charter for a Democratic Conference

    Click here to read the Charter online.

    Click here to download the Charter as pdf.

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