"This is a party that was founded for working people, this is a party that I strive every day to make the party of working people" - Ed Miliband, 21 November 2014

CLPD campaigns for:

  • a real policy-making Annual Conference

  • an effective and accountable NEC

  • the defence of the Trade Union link

  • more progressive Labour candidates for elected office who are women or BAME; and, generally, for an increase in candidates with a working-class background, to counteract the current unacceptable under-representation

  • a local electoral college for choosing leaders of council Labour Groups

  • an internal Party ombudsperson

  • a clear jobs and growth policy in sharp opposition to the Tories and austerity

  • CLPD supports the Charter for a Democratic Conference

    1. At least 50% of conference time should be reserved for contributions in policy debates by delegates

    2. The criteria for motions should be flexible and fair

    3. Conference should choose the right policies, not rubber stamp them

    4. Conference decisions and all papers should be available online to party members

    5. The structure of conference needs a review by the Conference Arrangements Committee

    For further news visit http://www.grassrootslabour.net and www.leftfutures.org

    Vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle

    Ballot papers for all the elections - leader, deputy leader, CAC, NPF, and also London Mayoral candidate - went out on 14 August 2015, and ballots will close on 10 September. CLPD recommends:

    Jeremy Corbyn for Leader

    Angela Eagle for Deputy Leader, second preference Tom Watson

    Katy Clark and Jon Lansman for CAC

    Diane Abbott for London mayoral candidate, second preference Sadiq Khan

    NPF: for CLPD supported candidates in your Region/Scotland/Wales please contact us 01865 244459 or info@clpd.org.uk

    CLPD's recommended Contemporary Motions for Labour Party conference 2015

    Click here to read the draft motions. The deadline for receipt of contemporary motions is Thursday 17 September 2015 at 12 noon. The title has a maximum of 10 words and the motion a maximum of 250 words.

    Pete Willsman's Conference Guide for Labour Party conference 2015

    Click here to download

    Rule changes supported by CLPD for submission in 2015

    Read them online

    Download them as pdf

    CLPD fringe meeting at TUC

    Lunchtime, Monday 14 September, UMi Hotel, Brighton, on seafront, 100 yards east from TUC. Speakers: Anneliese Dodds MEP, Grahame Morris MP, James Elliott (CLPD), Kate Osamor MP, Christine Shawcroft (CLPD), Steve Turner (Unite), Jon Lansman (editor, Left Futures website).

    CLPD fringe meetings at Labour Party conference

    6.30pm, Saturday 26 September - CLPD rally. Chair: Lizzy Ali. Speakers: Ann Black, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diana Holland (Unite), Tosh McDonald (ASLEF), Kate Osamor MP, Nancy Platts, Rida Vaquas, plus Pete Willsman giving a briefing for delegates.

    7.15pm, Tuesday 29 September - CLPD's review of the week. Speakers: Kelvin Hopkins MP, Jim Kennedy (chair of the party), Clive Lewis MP, Becky Long-Bailey MP, Martin Mayer (Unite), Max Shanly, Christine Shawcroft.

    Both meetings at Friends Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton. Both entry £3 (concessions £1).

    CLPD Annual General Meeting 2015

    CLPD AGM 2015 was on Saturday 28 February, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. To read a report, click here; and to read a report of the speech to the AGM by Billy Hayes, click here.

    CLPD Annual General Meeting 2016

    CLPD AGM 2016 will be on Saturday 27 February, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

    London Labour Party conference exposes democratic deficit

    Jon Lansman reports on the London Labour Party conference on the weekend of 30 November.

    Syriza wow Labour delegates at Yorkshire conference

    Click here to read report of CLPD fringe meeting at Yorkshire and Humberside regional Labour Party conference on 28 February 2015

    "Falling wages, savage cuts and sham employment expose the recovery as bogus"

    In the Guardian of 20 October 2014, economist Ha Joon Chang, writing under the headline Why did Britain's political class buy into the Tories' economic fairytale?, sums up the case against austerity and gives Labour a wake-up call.

    "Needed: a vigorous opposition to neoliberalism"

    In the Guardian of 3 November 2014, the paper's economics editor, Larry Elliott, bemoans the lack of "fundamental change since the global financial crisis" and concludes that a "collapse not just of communism but also of social democracy" has left an "ideological vacuum... being filled by nationalism, environmentalism and religion".

    "Yellow pages" bulletin at Labour Party conference 2014

    Sunday 21 September

    Monday 22 September

    Tuesday 23 September

    Wednesday 24 September

    Campaign Briefing 78: autumn 2014

    Billy Hayes on "looking ahead with the unions to a Labour victory", Pete Willsman on issues at Labour conference, and much more. Click here to download pdf. Click here for article by Ann Henderson on "Organising for Labour in Scotland".

    The future of the trade union link

    By Pete Willsman: click here to read

    On illegitimate interference by party staff into our internal elections

    Statement by Pete Willsman on the conduct of elections at Labour conference 2013

    How Labour's trigger works

    A CLPD briefing on the re-selection of sitting MPs

    The Campaign, a BBC docudrama from 1983 about CLPD

    Click here to watch "The Campaign"

    CLPD secretary Pete Willsman on the Daily Politics

    Click here to view

    CLPD supports the Charter for a Democratic Conference

    Click here to read the Charter online.

    Click here to download the Charter as pdf.

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    Reports of NEC and NPF meetings can be found on our partner site http://www.grassrootslabour.net/

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