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Entrance in Victoria Road

Deal Castle was one of three castles built along the coastline of Deal by Henry VIII to keep out the French.

The other two were Sandown to the north and Walmer to the south.

Built in the shape of a Tudor Rose, the castle stands at the top of the beach facing the sea.  To the north is Deal Castle Road, to the west Victoria Road and to the south, beyond the castle paddock, Marine Road.

The castle is surrounded by a dry moat, overlooked by openings in the lower walls through which archers could fire on any invaders foolhardy enough to climb into the moat.

The entrance is approached over a small drawbridge from a stone ramp.

From the sea, the castle presents a low profile, with semi-circular gun platforms surrounding the central, circular keep.

In the 19th century, a house was erected on this side of the keep for the Constable of the castle; this has since been removed to restore the castle to its original shape.

The picture on the right shows the south side of the castle, looking across the paddock.

The Castle Moat

The Drawbridge

Southern Aspect