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To Grampus

I told you he was no good. You'll remember that night when all the statues to Hermes were broken or damaged? It was your beloved Alcibiades and his friends who did it!!

They went after the fleet to arrest him and bring him back to Athens for trial. Imagine it! Arresting the General leading his men into war just for wrecking a few old statues.

News has just reached us. Alcibiades has escaped ... dived over the side of the ship with that little dog of his and swam to shore.

Rumour has it that he has fled to ..... SPARTA of all places.

He knows our plans of attack. I am afraid that disaster is coming.

Beware, there are soldiers in the streets. Athens has been betrayed. They are seeking out the friends of Alcibiades ... and putting them to the sword. Hide my old friend, take flight ... we are in grave danger. Apian will hide you in the cave behind his beehives.

From Diomedes

PS Carintha is a wonderful cook.



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