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I never consciously collected Medieval figures until I started to sort out the vast accumulation of odds and ends I had acquired over the years and found that I had rather a lot of them. Shortly after I obtained Peter Greenhill's excellent book "Heraldic Miniature Knights" and I was hooked on all the colourful heraldry of the period.


This superbly detailed model of Robert the Bruce was produced by John Niblett & Co (Modelmakers) Ltd. it's part of a small range that were sold as souveniers through the Tower of London. John Niblett was well known as a figure designer, appart from making his own ranges he also designed a lot of the AIRFIX sets.

The design is based on the sculpture of Robert the Bruce at Banockburn by Pilkington-Jackson.




The four on the right are probably the best representations of Medieval costume that I have seen in 54mm figures. The man, boy and lady are very snooty while the cowled monk looks very sinster. They are made from some sort of resin and the maker is unknown, personaly I think they may have been produced for use in a toy theatre.




These two SACUL figures were originally made in hollow cast lead but later the moulds were adapted for use on plastic injection moulding machines. The lead version are quite common but these plastic ones are rarely ever seen. The one on foot is a single piece casting but the mounted one consists of horse, rider, movable right arm, shield, visor and scabbard. They were produced by an ex employee of TIMPO called Lucas who reversed his name to call his company SACUL




These unusual crossbowmen were made by RES PLASTICS of Milan, Italy and came as gifts inside chocolate Kinder eggs. This is the full set of four, each has a different style of crossbow and shield.






This figure is probably more Renaisance than Medieval as he is wearing boots rather than leg armour but I just couldn't resist including it. He was made by CYRNOS of France.







A Peasant with a pitchfork and a man at arms with a war hammer by STARLUX. the crossbowman is from the chess set made by MOKAREX of Belgium and was given away free with tins of coffee. At the end is a man at arms with an arquebus by STARLUX.





Figures from the French TV series Thiery le Fronde, the first is Martin le Sabotier (Martin the clogmaker) who is throwing a clog! The third is Soldat de Lassay (Soldier of Lassay) and the fourth is Prince Noir (Black Prince). All were given away free with tins of coffee by M.C-CAIFFA. Originally these would all have been unpainted. The crossbowman is by an unknown French manufacturer.






This is another personal favorite of mine, a lady out hawking in 40mm scale made by MERTEN of Germany







A nobleman by STARLUX admires his hawk while another character figure Judas le Comedian by M.C-CAIFFA holds a dove.




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