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More recently, both series have been issued on DVD in both the USA and the UK:


Above: Network UK DVD issued in 2006 (3 DVD set: 7952474) left front: right back.


Granada UK release from 2003 (Cinema Club series 4 DVD set CCD 9414) left front: right back (autographed by Denis Lill)

The series has also been released on DVD in the USA via Acorn Media: covers for series 1 (left) and series two (right) above

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Spring 1999 saw the series being released commercially on video in the UK. Series One was issued in July and Series Two in September. (Two videotapes per set, with three episodes on one and the remaining two on the other) Quality is excellent, and commercial intertitles have been removed, unfortunately resulting in some of the music being edited slightly.









UK Series One : (above) Granada Media/VCI GV 0117

UK Series Two : (above) Granada Media/VCI 0123

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The  US  commercial videos of both the series were released  in the 1990's (series 1 was issued in 1996, and series 2 in 1997). Their sets  comprise one episode per video tape, so both sets have five individual tapes. Packaging is totally different also - with a more tasteful and lavish "Art Deco" approach than the UK design. The US tapes have the commercial intertitles retained, and thus none of the music is edited. Otherwise the two issues are identical. 

Series One : Acorn Media/BRITE ISBN 1-56938-139-9 

Series Two : Acorn Media/BRITE ISBN 1-56938-164-X

(Both issued by Acorn Media : Bethesda MD USA)


US packaging : Top : video spines / Centre : Video box backs / Above : Video box sides

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