What Is Aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy (used in massage, inhalation or in baths) as well as being a relaxing and pleasurable experience, can address specific physical and emotional conditions, such as PMT and menstrual problems, back pain, insomnia, migraine headache, arthritis, stress, depression and many other physical and emotional complaints.

Every person is treated individually and each case is looked at from a holistic viewpoint, which means looking at the whole person; their lifestyle, state of mind and physical condition etc. The therapeutic properties of the essential oils to be used for each client are carefully chosen and blended. An aromatherapy massage, enables essential oils to be absorbed through the skin (also via sense of smell) into the blood stream to the internal organs, aiding the body's own internal healing mechanisms.

Aromatherapy works on both a physiological as well as emotional level, balancing the energies in the body and it can be particularly beneficial for children and babies too. Through application to the body and inhalation of 100% pure essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, it balances, relaxes, restores and rejuvenates the body and enhances the emotional and spirit.

The principle of Aromatherapy is to help strengthen the body's self-healing by stimulation of the immune system. There are many uses for essential oils, from deep therapeutic massage to the extreme holistic subtlety of treatments for any number of health ailments and beauty applications. The essential oils used in  aromatherapy extracted from the different parts of individual plants, which include the petals, leaves, roots, bark, resin, berries and rinds.

This ancient holistic therapy brings a modern approach to physical and emotional well being that puts a person in touch with nature. Results can vary from person to person and no two individuals get exactly the same therapeutic value from a similar treatment. This means that treatments are worked out for the individual person by looking at the whole person and are applied in a very intuitive way.


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