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This page last updated 23 May 2008

Suggested amendments to NPF documents

No limit on number of submissions; closing date: 20th June

This is a new procedure - won through CLPD’s campaigning and with the support of the CWU. Every CLP can now submit textual amendments to the National Policy Forum policy documents.

CLPD has drafted a total of 51 amendments, together with supporting arguments, covering the gamut of policy-making. The complete document is available in Acrobat pdf format (13pp; 76Kb) by clicking here.

Summary of amendments

You can download the NPF documents and see more details of the procedure at membersnet http://members.labour.org.uk (see under Resources > Partnership in Power) but copies have been sent to your CLP secretary.

Don’t miss this opportunity to influence policy! It is vital that your CLP submits amendments by 20th June. There is no limit to how many!