Letter from Pastor Bovas Das

(The language is all his and has not been rewritten)



Dear Mr. Edmund Plummer
Health Help lnternational, UK.

Warm greetings from Friends Makers India, also we are expressing our sincere thanks and gratitude towards you and brother Ron. W. Prosser and HHI. You have shown us the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ! We are also thankful to God because you feel committed to join hands and strengthen the work of Friends Makers India.

It is a great joy to report you what the HHI help is doing in our midst. On l2th July 2008,  we arranged a programme as decided early for free distribution of school equipments to the poor students. Programme was held in a village native Church hall at Peyad, Trivandrum.

This time we selected poor students from among Bible believers who are belongs to backward community, and also living far below the poverty line. Such poor village children from Peyad, Olathanni, Panniyod, Parandod, Kalladichamoola, Nedumangad, Peringammala, and Kuttichal were collected in one place called Peyad where the function arranged. The village church Pastors also cast their active participation in this special programme. In their speech Pastors uttered their distresses and financial famine. (They quoted several verses from the Bible, with a request to make certain help, mainly Romans –15:26, “For it pleased those from Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem”. They are 7 Pastors who are belongs to PFl Church as my co-workers having no any other income. Please pray for them, if God guides tell us. I’ll sent their story one by one every month).

By your help we purchased school equipments for 78 poor children. Students from 1st standard to +2 level were received school uniforms, notebooks, school bages and umbrellas. I am enclosing herewith all the photographes in CD.

Programme was conducted on July second Saturday was also holiday for students. More than 78 children enthusiastically attended in the function and happily received all the distributed items with the presence of their above said church pastors. They said that, “It is beautiful and useful to our children, God will give thee more. This Is our prayer for you”.

We remember all the sponsors and prayer partners of HHI. Really God will reward you according to His riches in glory. Also we pray for you.

Thank you kindly. The Lord Bless you .