Jesus Loves Even Me!

This was the title of an appeal made in 2005 to alleviate the desperate need of Pastor Sam’s destitute and mentally deranged women in India.

It resulted in over £13,000 being raised through a Bible Readathon supported by many of our churches. It was a great thrill therefore when Ron, Edmund Plummer, and Eddie Donald officially opened ‘Hope House’ on 19th January and although the house is not quite finished, occupation will take place during February.

Pastor Sam's Hospice

Meanwhile forty-one of them are housed in what can only be described as a dark cramped shed in a slum area of Trivandrum, where they sit around all day with nothing to do; the family live in another similar shed.

The Bible Readathon money was able to purchase over an acre of land in the countryside and Highland Pilgrim Church in Trivandrum raised a further £20,000 (an incredible sum in Indian terms - 1,500,000 Rupees) to construct the house.

The visitors were very impressed by the size and airy design of the building, and above all by the superb standard of workmanship.

A wonderful achievement by all concerned -- the fund-raisers in the U.K. and India, the builders, and the dedication of Sam’s family.

The need for the building was illustrated that evening.

One of the more deranged of Sam’s women went on the rampage, destroying the family’s television and computer, and setting fire to their school-books, college notes, Bibles, clothes, and money.

And yet the family continue to love their charges - there was an extraordinary lack of resentment or irritation.

The new house will provide more security, and will enable the women to grow crops - this will give them an interest and something to do, as well as reducing costs and providing some income.