July 2005

1. Train Accident

Owen Shapenga, now aged 22, from Choma, who was injured whilst running to get on the Livingstone bound train at Monze railway station, was apparently making a good recovery.

It is sad to report that some unforseen complications had occurred in the hospital about a year ago, and Owen has since died.

I request that we remember Owen's family in our prayers. I just wonder why such things happen to people who are already facing problems.

2. Solomon and Spencer

The news here is not too encouraging. Both these boys are still waiting for surgery to take place and we rely on the South African surgeons to set things in motion again.

Pray that this will happen and that the operations will be a success.

3. Connett

Connett is about the same age as Owen and was taken to the Monze office of HHI from where he was taken to the hospital in Lusaka where he has undergone some surgery. You can see a photo here. The surgeons removed several kilogrammes of growth from his his face, which have improved things a little for him They maintain it will take many more operations and lots of recovery time in between.

We pray that Connett will be able achieve a full recovery to a normal face.