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Here I'll hopefully try to answer some of the usual questions, with added illustrations, that I get asked about customising. Please don't take any of the answers that follow as written in stone; feel free to experiment and improvise for yourself.

Let me know if you have anymore questions to be answered here; my mailbox is always open over at



1. What equipment do I need? Paints, brushes, modelling material etc.

2. How Do I Remove an FC's Head, Hands and.or Feet?

3. I'm no good at sewing... any tips?

4. How do I re-root an FC Head?

5. My re-root's a mess! How do I style the hair?

6. How do I use your patterns? (pts 2& 3 of the custom Walkthrough - a separate section will follow soon)

7. A custom walkthrough

8. My FC's got loose joints; is there anyway to fix them?


suggestions welcomed!

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