Some of my old bikes


Just for fun I scanned some photos of my old bikes. There are a lot of bikes missing, mostly early ones. My first bikes were a Sports Cub, a TR25W Trophy and a C15. The Dommi below came next, then the A10 but there were also a couple of Starfires, another C15 or 2, a Pre unit 500 Tribsa, a B31,a G12, G9 & Meteor Minor non runners and an early A65 Star that I've no photos of. Also another Hinckley Thunderbird.

Most were bought as non runners or in bits & were running & MOTd when sold.


1961 Dommi 99. As it was in 1975 when I first built it.
As it is now. A link to an article that appeared in Real Classics here
Me & my 2nd A10 in 1977. I've still got this one as well. An article that appeared in Real Classics here
An old favourite, the A10 as it is now.
Thunderbird chop after I'd sold it . I had it fitted with long straight through pipes, 'T' Bars, single headlamp, single seat & a small black numberplate & rearlight. 1976
Plunger A10 I had for a short while in the late 70s, rebuilt the bottom end & passed it on. DVLA has it still taxed.
1969 TR6P. I rode this around for a while 1982/3. Sold it to a German who made it into a hard tailed chopper. A very good bike when I had it.
I bought this Tribsa as a rusty cafe Racer in 1978. One I should have kept. Gold Star Frame, RRT2 gearbox. The subsequent owner hardtailed, raked it & with 10" over springers made it almost unrideable. Dommi in the background.
I kept this A10 for a couple of years 1978/79. An interesting bit of history here 667 FMP no longer registered. Pity it was a very good bike.
Another Sports Cub I bought with a bent front end. Sold it with a slightly less bent front end. 1970s
500 Matchless for a bit of fun in the woods. Late 70s
350 Triumph from the early 1980s, gutless horrible thing 542 GNK Last taxed Feb 1997
. The last incarnation of my first Commando, owned 1978-95. OCG 39L Currently on SORN
Most of my first Plunger A10 Combo, 1976. TUR 575. Number now on a Land Rover
Early C15, late 70s
Horrible, really horrible 350 Enfield India 1978
M21 1981 bought this as a non-runner, set the points & rode it home.
M21 as it left. PEW 564 is currently on a Mercedes
I also had a 1953 Rigid M21 at the same time. Fitted a new bottom end to this one. RUR 930 Currently on a Porsche
This A10 came with an ally head & left without it. Backbreaking centrestand. Late 1980s
This is a photo from the web showing RUR 930 in an earlier life, 1960s going by the cars.

Ducati Darmah with my first of 4 Escort vans. VVS 22S Currently on SORN. Van not taxed since 1985. Not surprising, it was rotton when I sold it. Early 80s

A satisfactory £150.00 ride to work bike that a 4x4 finished off. I don't care what anybody else says, they aren't as good to ride as a late Triumph. Early 90s

I built this C15 from a box of bits 2000. Currently on SORN

Matchless 500, it just about ran 1993
The most ridiculous bike I ever owned. GS1000 maybe. 1997
1972 A65 . Another I should have kept. Devimead balanced & end fed bottom end. Early 90s. PLY 626L Currently Taxed. Who's got this one then? I'd like to buy it back.
ZZR1100. A stupidly fast, smooth, good handling bike with good brakes. I didn't like it
C15 Sportsman with SS90 engine. Nice C/R box, HC piston & lumpy cams.I had to rev the balls off it to get any performance & it vibrated badly
It looked pretty when it was finished
Triumph Daytona, too small & revvy.
Norbsa 850 1997 The full story is here
Another A65 OIF. Not as good as the earlier Devimead one
Another Darmah. This was a good one. 40MM carbs, Jota bars FES 877W Last Taxed 2014, on SORN
B44 Victor Roadster with a B40 engine. Terrible vibration, lousy brakes, not a favourite. Late 90s

Kawasaki Z900. Alright if you like that sort of thing.

A65 Thunderbolt. Rebuilt the bottom end. Not taxed since 1995.
1994 Daytona 1200. Very fast & smooth, good handling but very top heavy. I kept this a few years but didn't use it much.
I had a T160 for a while, didn't like it as much as the Commando which I had at the same time.
Another TR6P. Late 90s
A standard T/Bird that I prettied up. Better riding position than the Sport, but a lot slower & without sixth gear.
Yet another TR6
1994 Moto Guzzi 1000s Very pretty, quite quick, good handling, very good linked braking system, but I didn't like it. 2014
Thunderbird Sport. I fitted a Dyno jet kit , offroad pipes, Corbin seat. Fast, pretty & handled well. I didn't use this much.
Ex WD M20 I bought it as a ride to work bike, rebuilt the forks & bottom end, but it was too slow to keep up with traffic. Mid '90s. GSJ 725 now on a BMW.
A Mk111 Commando I had for a few years. Took it to Spain a couple of times & a few club runs. Very good with a passenger + luggage. YLR 187S Sold it 2018.
650SS. Ran roughly & surprisingly didn't handle very well 2017
1956 Gold Star 500 in a B31 frame. 2022
Godet Egli Vincent. Click here
1937 BSA Empire Star. 2022    
1948 Series 'B' Rapide. Sold 2024
1976/7 The remains of my 2nd Reliant after it turned over, the first caught fire. No, I don't like them.    
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