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Mag/Air lever 7/8" bar

Pt.no. L83003

Right hand


Mag/Air lever 7/8" bar

Pt.no. L83004

Left hand


Doherty pattern

Mag/Air lever 7/8" bar

Pt.no. L83005

Right hand



Mag/air lever 7/8" bar Ball ended

Left hand

Pt.no. L83007


Doherty pattern 1.0" bar

Mag/Air lever

Right hand

Pt.no. L83006


Mag/Air lever LH

7/8" bar

Left hand

Pt.no. L83008


Matching pair Mag/Air levers 7/8" bar

Pt.no. L83031


Dual Magneto/Air Lever

New manufacture in premium quality. Vincent rapide etc.

7/8" bar


Pt.no. L83059


Doherty No. 105 pattern Decompressor lever

7/8" bar Pt.no. L83009


Doherty No. 205 pattern decompressor lever

7/8" bar

Pt.no. L83011


Pattern Doherty 407P Levers

7/8" bar (7/8"centres)

Clutch Pt.no. L83001

Brake Pt.no. L83002

£16.95 each

Spare blades below

Pattern Doherty 407P Levers

1.0" bar, (7/8" centres)

Clutch Pt.no. L83015

Brake Pt.no. L83016

£16.95 each

Pattern Doherty 208PA

7/8" bar, 1 1/16" centres

Clutch Pt.no. L83017

Brake Pt.no. L83018

£16.95 each.

Pattern Triumph type

7/8" bar, 1 1/16" ctrs.

Brake Pt.no. L83019

Clutch Pt.no. L83020

Popular with Trident owners, gives more clutch travel than std.


Pattern Triumph

7/8" bar, 1 1/16" centres

Brake and air lever Pt.no. L83021

£ 28.95

Boxed pair 7/8" ball ended levers

1 1/16" centres

Premium quality plating

Pt. no. L83022


Boxed pair 7/8"plain ended levers

1 1/16" centres

Premium quality plating

Pt. no. L83023


Boxed pair 7/8" ball ended levers, with adjusters.

1 1/16" centres

Premium quality plating

Pt. no. L83025


Pattern Amal 534 ally levers

7/8" bars

Clutch Pt.no. L83029

Brake L83030

£14.95 each

Boxed pair Genuine Amal 534 levers. Made by the original manufacturer

7/8" bars

Pt.no. L83100

£99.40 per pair Out of Stock

Tomaselli pattern ally levers

Bushed pivots and 'click stop' cable adjustment as per the originals.

7/8" bars 1 1/16" centres

Pt.no. L83032

£71.95 per pair

Pattern Doherty no. 200 Amal competition ally levers

7/8" Bas 1 1/16" centres

As fitted to A65 Spitfire etc.

Pt.no. L83033

£59.95 per pair

Pattern Doherty no. 100/207P combination lever. 7/8" bar

Clutch Pt.no. L83034

Brake Pt.no.


£47.95 each

Pattern Doherty no. 100/207P combination lever 1.0" bar

Clutch Pt.no. L83036

Brake Pt.no. L83037

£47.95 each

Pattern Amal combination lever

7/8" bar

Clutch Pt.no. L83038

Brake Pt.no. L83039

£54.95 each

Ally lever for Lucas switch cluster. OIF Tri/BSA + Norton etc.

Brake Pt.no. L83049

Clutch Pt.no. L83050

£9.95 each

Pattern Doherty 217 levers

1.0" bars

Clutch Pt.no. L83052

Brake Pt.no. L83051

£35.95 each

Pattern Doherty 217 clutch lever with mtg. for Lucas dipswitch SW19239

1.0" bars

Pt.no. L83055


Pattern Doherty 219 Lever

7/8" bars

Clutch Pt.no. L83054

Brake Pt.no. L83053

£42.95 each

Threaded chrome clamp for lever above

Pt.no. L83056


BSA Bantam/C15 levers for bars with welded on pivots. Not Tiger Cub

Clutch Pt.no. L83057

Brake Pt.no. L83058

Also fits L83001 & L83002

£9.50 each

Chrome handlebar clip Holds the cables neatly against the bars

Pt.no. CL83099


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