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Information on this site, there's an updates log so you can see what's been altered and when. A notices page which contains anything of importance concerning this site, or sometimes just ideas I have for it which I'd like feedback on. There's a status page which details the current status of these sections, including any planned updates or additions. There's a feedback page so you can tell me what you think of this site. There are also links and books pages which contain things related to the content on this site. Lastly but most importantly there is a disclaimer, which basically says you must use this site, information and software entirely at your own risk.

The DOS Zone
This is work in progress (or not depending on how much feedback I get), most of this section is at present incomplete. Currently there's a page which looks at some of the common anti-DOS arguments and an FAQ area which deals with common questions and problems experienced by the would be DOS user (it also answers some BIOS related issues).
Content will be added to the blank pages as and when I finish it, the more feedback I get the sooner this will be.

My Software
A collection of programs which I've written (all for DOS, but for the most part they run fine under Windows) some have a GUI others are command line. There's an idea submission form where you can send me a request to write a program (DOS only), a page with information on my current software projects and a screen shot area.

FAT System Guide
This is basically a FAT file system reference I wrote in an attempt to help clear up confusion on the subject.
Each page is split into two areas. The first gives a basic overview and introduction to the topic it covers, which I hope should be understandable by the moderately experienced computer user. The second goes into more technical detail, looking at the data structures involved and other programming related considerations.

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