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  • 11th August 2002.
Added a link to the links page.
Updated a link.
  • 28th April 2002.
Corrected errors in the FAT system guide: FFFF7h was quoted as meaning bad cluster on FAT16 volumes instead of FFF7h. Thanks go to Sachin Khanna for pointing that out.
Partition code 0Ch was listed as an extended partition instead of a FAT32 volume.
Partition code 05h was listed as being introduced with MS-DOS 4.0 not 3.31.
Re-wrote much of the MBR page in the FAT system guide, some of it was wrong previously.
Made some HTML changes for Arachne compatibility.
Added content on the Internet Software For DOS page.
Changed a link (The W0rm's DOS Software Page!).
Modified the links page.

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