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Programming Links

The Art of Assembly Language Programming
A very good site for learning assembly language.
Wotsits Format
If you want to find the format of a file this is the place to go.
Download the swag snippets files and reader from here and you'll probably have all the info on a PC that you'll ever need, well almost. You can also get a great File Format Encyclopaedia from this site.
Ralf Brown
A pretty complete Interrupt List is available from here. This is an essential programming reference, get it now.
Free Borland Turbo C++ and Pascal
Contains stuff released by Borland, which is downloadable for free!!!!!!!!
Stoopid Delphi Tricks Page
There's not much in way of content at the minute, but it sounds like this site will soon have stuff worth looking at. In particular I'm informed that some examples on writing custom boot sectors (for hardware control) will materialise eventually.
PC Assembly Language tutorials and demos
Exactly what is says in the title.
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DOS Links

The DOS Board
This has the potential to be an excellent DOS forum, I get the feeling I will be hanging around there a fair amount.
All kinds of handy and interesting content. Microsoft timeline, lots of guides on various topics, DOS and Windows resource pages, boot disks and more. Just visit it, OK.
Interesting DOS programs
This site has more DOS related links than you can shake a stick at, literally, believe me I've tried. The only problem is that there are so many good links you don't know where to start.
If you are into batch file programming you'll love this site.
The W0rm's DOS Software Page!
This site contains the DOS board linked to above plus other useful stuff
Useful bootdisks for file management and running games etc. plus a very interesting DOS USB resource page in addition to various other DOS and Windows 3.1 related stuff.
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Electronics Links

Steve's Electronic and Microcontroller Projects and Info.
Loads of microcontroller and some PC stuff it also has useful interfacing information.
Tomi Engdahl's electronics info page
Has information on a wide range of topics and plenty of it.
Beyond Logic
Has lots of useful interfacing information.
EPE Chat Zone
This is good for asking electronics related questions.
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Other Links

Terri's PC Support
A free computer help site for Windows users. It has Boot/Rescue disks, plus guides on various topics and lots of useful links.
Boot disks galore.
Stuffweb Mobile.
Download/submit ring tones for your Nokia mobile phone.

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