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(CHANGED) If you are going to look around the DOS Zone please note that it is not complete. Any links surrounded by '*'s like this ** Link **, go to blank pages so don't bother clicking them. Not all blank links are highlighted in this manner now however, so please don't inform me of blank pages which aren't indicated, these pages have content which I'm not happy with so I've removed it until I am. (See Current Status) I would have preferred to have completed the section before allowing access to it but that is going to take some time (as some people have noticed). So kindly treat it like the preview that it is. If you should find any mistakes or have any useful suggestions then now is the ideal time to inform me.

Could the person who suggested Cpy please contact me, I would like to give you credit for the idea but I'm afraid I've lost your contact details and I would like your permission before I add your name.

(NEW) I would like to apologise to anyone who clicked on the Icey-Dee links in the FAT system guide and was offended by the page it now seems to re-direct your browser to. It used to be a programming site, needless to say I was a little surprised when I tried it the other day and ended up at a porn site! That's quite a change. I would like to assure you that I had no idea the link pointed to this site nor did I receive any money from them.

(NEW) As you may have noticed I made a large number of changes in the last update and because this was done over a fairly long period of time I'm not entirely sure what things I have changed to be honest so please forgive the vague statements in the updates section.
As well as the changes you can see here I have changed the way that my site is generated so that the simple changes that previously took a long time can now be implemented very quickly. This *should* result in more frequent updates, honest.

(NEW) If you've noticed this notice, you'll probably have noticed, that this notice isn't worth noticing.

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